6 Tips to live longer and healthier lives

1. Having a free mindset: Grudge is like a sword that pierce into the mind, injure it without any physical trace or you noticing a trace about it.
Keep your mind free from grudges.

2. Eat Healthy food: Eating healthy food is a sure way to developing and improving your health.
Do you know that the money spent on drugs can equally be spent on food?
Taking adequate diet can minimize the tendency of being sick or having diseases.

3. Neatness: Maintaining cleanliness is one of the ways  which can  enable you to live long. The absence of cleanliness gives rise to some deficiency in the body which in turn shortens one’s life term.

4. Always have fun: Do you know that each time you feel very happy, a hormone is secreted in your body which constantly increase your longevity?
So it’s imperative that you have fun at least 2 hours a day to secrete that hormone of fun.

5. Always think positively: The heart is a very vital organ of the body.
A positive heart is like a heart without pain, a heart full of merry, and goodwill, success and any good thing. So always imagine and think good things to protect your heart.

6. Rest of mind: Your over all wellbeing has a lot to do with your mental health.
Always cultivate the habit of putting your mind at peace and at rest, stop worrying too much.

Happy Mind!

Happy Life!!

Longer Life!!!

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