Miss Ovienmhanda Blessing Face of UNILAG Winner

Meet the gorgeous Miss Ovienmhanda Blessing, the Winner of Face of UNILAG 2.0 Online Photo Contest Organized by THE KAS PLUG in an exclusive interview.

Much More Naija: Congratulations for emerging the winner of Face of UNILAG 2.0 Contest. Can we meet you? 

Miss Blessing: My name is Blessing Ofure Ovienmhanda Blessing, I’m from Edo state but based in Ogun State. I’m the second daughter of a family of six, currently in my first year studying English Education at the Prestigious University of Lagos.

Much More Naija: What an awesome personality we have in our midst. What are your hobbies?

Miss Blessing: My hobbies are reading and writing.

Much More Naija: Who is your favorite author?

Miss Blessing: I love different authors, as long as I like what they write, but I can say Richard Wright, Chimamanda Adiche, Nora Roberts, and William Shakespeare are my favourites.

Much More Naija: What’s your relationship status?

Miss Blessing: I’m Single

Much More Naija: Do you think relationships are distractions to students?

Miss Blessing: To an extent, I guess so, but then again I think it’s a personal choice and decision.

Much More Naija: Nice POV. So how did you get to know about the contest?

Miss Blessing: A friend sent the flyer to me.

Much More Naija: What motivated you to participate in the contest?

Miss Blessing: I’ve always been interested in modelling, so when I saw the broadcast message, I decided to give it a try.

Much More Naija: What can you say about the organization of the contest?

Miss Blessing: The contest was well-organized and there was no form of partiality.

Much More Naija: What were your challenges during the contest and how were you able to overcome them?

Miss Blessing: Getting likes was my major challenge but I overcame that through publicity, socializing with people and getting them to like my picture.

Much More Naija: How do you feel emerging the winner?

Miss Blessing: I feel good, though I was discouraged, I’m glad I pulled through.

Much More Naija: What do you plan to do with the fame and popularity the contest have given you?

Miss Blessing: Hmm, this is actually my first contest, but I hope to get more modeling deals and jobs as a result of this contest.

Much More Naija: Amongst the prizes for the contest which interested you more and why?

Miss Blessing: The free model training and sign up into campus models, UNILAG really caught my attention because I’d like to push through my modelling career.

Much More Naija: What’s your favorite quote?

Miss Blessing: “You only live once”

Much More Naija: Any Shout-out or final words?

Miss Blessing: I want to give a very big shout out to my parents, Mr & Mrs Ovienmhanda who supported me despite discouragement from their friends, my elder sister @glambyovie the make up artist, my younger sisters, my best friends, my friends that voted for me and supported me, the organizers of this contest and everyone involved in it. I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone.

Thank for your Time, It was nice meeting you, Once again Congratulations and all the best in your future endeavours.

Miss Blessing is on Instagram @blessin_ovie

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